If you’re looking to do the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk, we provide a road shuttle service and can help you plan your itinerary so that you can get the most time at and around the lake, rather than on buses or having to overnight somewhere unnecessarily.

We offer return road shuttle services from Wairoa to Waikaremoana to link up with our water taxi service to suit trampers needs.

One popular option with trampers and hikers doing the Great Walk around The Lake, is to have us co-ordinate their pickup from the Intercity bus terminal in Wairoa, arrange a nights accommodation in our various Lake Waikaremoana accommodation options that are very close to the start of the Great Walk track.

The three most popular options for people are to

  1. Be picked up from the Waikaremoana Holiday park and water taxi to Onepoto then be picked up at the end at Whanganui and water taxi back to your vehicle at Waikaremoana Holiday park. (2 water taxi)
  2. Alternatively you can Water taxi to Whanganui from Waikaremoana Holiday park and get picked up from Onepoto at the end of your tramp and water taxi back to Waikaremoana Holiday park. (2 water taxi)
  3. Park your vehicle at Onepoto and start the track there, then get picked up at the end via water taxi from Whanganui and back to Onepoto where your vehicle is. (1 water taxi)

Contact us toll free in New Zealand on 0800-525-392 or via email by completing the contact form available here.